Merchant Services

two people exchanging a credit card at a table

We have joined forces with leaders in the payment processing industry. We offer Traditional Credit Card Processing and Dual Pricing programs. We are offering the most aggressive pricing available to our merchant partners. We offer zero hidden fees, full transparency, and we will guarantee our traditional rates for a full 5 years.

We can introduce you to the newest trend in credit card processing, Dual Pricing. Where the costs associated with equipment and long-term contracts are no more, and the traditional fees you’ve historically paid are gone and replaced with a flat monthly rate that is a fraction of your current costs. We believe Dual Pricing’s time has come and we would welcome the opportunity to share the advantages to you and your business.

For a free quote we will review up to 3 months of your credit card statements, and we will have a proposal for you within 48 hours. We will also provide a complete breakdown of your costs and rates from your current provider. Our free cost comparison and analysis could be critical to your bottom line.

Upon review of your statements, we can honor our 100% goal of beating your current rates, and again, we will honor these new improved rates for a full 5 years.

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